2013 Wedding Favs!

The last two years have been somewhat of a whirlwind.  We’ve worked with some absolutely amazing couples and edited roughly 75,000 proofs, so the blog has been put on the back burner.  With that being said, we have finally had some time to sit down and pick out our favorite creative and night shots from our 2013 weddings!  We hope you enjoy!

000Proof Number-808 26Proof Number-980
25Proof Number-59125Proof Number-45325Proof Number-001
26Proof Number-535 26Proof Number-001
24Proof Number-985 27Proof Number-00124Proof Number-001
24Proof Number-654 24Proof Number-553
23Proof Number-45722Proof Number-64822Proof Number-001
19Proof Number-74421Proof Number-00121Proof Number-638
23Proof Number-896 23Proof Number-001
22Proof Number-966 20Proof Number-001
21Proof Number-956 18Proof Number-724
19Proof Number-001 18Proof Number-587 16Proof Number-0561
19Proof Number-743 18Proof Number-001
12Proof Number-413 17Proof Number-0642 17Proof Number-0460

15Proof Number-000116Proof Number-000115Proof Number-1044
17Proof Number-000114Proof Number-774
17Proof Number-094815Proof Number-0711
12Proof Number-39712Proof Number-78413Proof Number-001
14Proof Number-001 13Proof Number-553
11Proof Number-833 11Proof Number-500
09Proof Number-854 06Proof Number-746
11Proof Number-441 09Proof Number-001 08Proof Number-934
08Proof Number-001 07Proof Number-001 10Proof Number-487
06Proof Number-439 06Proof Number-001 04Proof Number-001
03Proof Number-001 001Proof Number-001 01Proof Number-001 2
05Proof Number-001 01Proof Number-001.jpg
01aProof Number-837


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