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Service and Investment

Laurel Mountain Photography is a boutique fine art wedding photography company. We offer highly personalized service and take on a limited number of weddings each year. We take the time to get to know our couples and meet with them multiple times before the wedding. More than anything, we greatly enjoy the process of weaving beautiful scenery, new people, and romantic moments into our photographs.

Most couples who choose Laurel Mountain Photography for full day service receive in excess of 1000 finished, fully-edited, color corrected proofs, and we are proud to say our more than ten years of results have produced multiple awards, multiple magazine covers, and have also resulted in Laurel Mountain Photography being honored by and accepted into the Knot’s all-time Hall of Fame!

Our packages begin at $2499.00 and are fully customizable. Each package includes two award-winning photographers, complete editing services with no hidden fees, a password protected online gallery, an 11×14 inch standout print, and the fully edited proofs on a flash drive with full reprint rights.

If you would like to receive our investment guide to see what else our packages include, click here to e-mail us!

History and Background

Prior to 2007, Laurel Mountain Photography was exclusively focused on fine art and landscapes. We spent our time traveling and pointing our lenses at wild animals, tall mountains, abstract waves of light, fish and underwater reefs, sunsets, starry skies and all sorts of other different photographic challenges. Each different type of photography gave us something new to explore, and we learned a great deal about the different aspects of capturing, editing, and producing high-quality, finished products along the way. We successfully sold our prints throughout multiple states at art shows and galleries, and we continue to do so today, although over the years weddings have become the primary focus of the company.

In 2007, at one of these fine art shows, a wedding photographer offered to pay us to edit and improve his work. This interaction caught us off guard, both because we felt bad for the bride, and because, as a family company, everything our photographers produce is completed solely by us. The thought of working on someone else’s photographs didn’t feel like the natural process of an artist, and so we declined his offer, but thankfully, the conversation had opened our eyes to an entirely new and exciting type of photography that we hadn’t yet considered: Weddings!

The more we thought about weddings, planned, practiced, and worked through all of the new ideas and concepts that had started to flow, the more we realized that blending our fine art experience with a wedding day could work, and work well! If done correctly, it could be the perfect way to combine both a fun, emotional and romantic atmosphere with the technical precision of fine art. We had found our new challenge, and to this day we are both thankful and excited to continue working with new couples each wedding season!

Most of our business now comes from referrals, and we cannot thank our amazing couples enough for passing our name along to friends and family! To read reviews from past brides, click here!

What to expect as an LMP Couple!

You will have several meetings with your primary photographer leading up to the wedding day. It is so important for us to get to know our couples and make sure we are a good fit. Out of all of the vendors on your wedding day, you are with your photographers the most, so feeling comfortable is key! We want to know your vision for the wedding and we want to see how you interact as a couple. This information helps us when we draw up the plans for your wedding day, including itinerary and shot lists, so that you can enjoy yourself, have as much fun as possible, and stay stress free. Your wedding is a day to savor and enjoy, so live it up and pack in as much fun and romance as you can! Also, don’t be shy about asking our opinions on anything wedding-related. We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and are more than willing to offer advice on scheduling, locations, or anything else you have in mind. Wedding photography is what we do, and love, so we’re happy to share!

If you have questions on how to maximize the amount of time for photographs, please ask us! We have worked with hundreds of clients and are more than happy to offer suggestions as to what generally works and what does not with regard to the timeline of your wedding day. If we didn’t enjoy photography so much, we would probably work as wedding coordinators!


Our photographers work in teams of two for weddings, but being a family company means we photograph and practice alongside one another all year long. You are just as likely to find us at a chapel on a summer Saturday as you are to see us taking landscapes, or working out new techniques at a nearby park, in the winter months. The familiarity we’ve developed both as a family and as artists means each photographer knows what to expect from the others and nothing will be missed.

To find out which of us is available for your wedding and to view photographs of their work, e-mail or call us to set up a free consultation.


The Editing Process

We believe that your photographs should reflect your day and not be limited by a pre-determined number of proofs; with that in mind, we do not put artificial limits on the amount of proofs we edit from each wedding. Our goal is to provide the maximum number of high-quality photographs possible from your wedding day, and each proof is edited by hand by one of our photographers to the best of our capabilities. There are no upcharges or extra hidden fees at any point of the editing process. Also, the entire editing process is done by us, and when you have special requests or questions, you will work directly with us from start to finish.

We color correct, adjust exposure, smooth skin, remove shine, and take out any distracting objects in the background of every proof. We always include a variety of special effects and can produce results to suit your taste, such as black and white, sepia, one-toned, high dynamic range, and similar. We keep up-to-date on the newest styles, and if you have something specific you want to try, we can generally help.



We are located southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, but we are willing to travel worldwide for your wedding day. There are no travel fees for anywhere in the Pittsburgh, Greensburg, or Altoona regions, and we are also willing to travel to meet you for a free consultation.

If you are interested in a destination wedding, please e-mail us for pricing. To date, we have worked in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Hawaii, California and Maryland. Many couples find we are often willing to work with them and it can be cheaper and more convenient to bring us along for a weekend rather than hire local photographers.

Our destination services often include photograph sessions prior, during, and after your wedding day for both you and your family.


Albums and Items

We produce custom designed boutique flush-mount albums, leather traditional wedding albums, coffee table books, any size prints you require, and literally hundreds of other items ranging from coffee mugs to calendars to tapestry paintings. In general, if you have ever seen something with a photograph printed on it, we can produce it and work out a way to include it into your customized package.

We also can post your photographs online in a password-protected or open gallery for your friends and family to view and order photographs if they desire. As a standard practice, all couples receive the digital files to their edited photographs and have the ability to print them on their own for family and friends.

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Portrait Sessions

We offer many different portrait sessions, including engagement, post-wedding (trash-the-dress), boudoir, newborn, maternity, child, family, and senior.

E-mail us for pricing and information!

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