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The Laurel Mountain Photography blog is a place where we get to have a little fun! Feel free to read below as we tell stories and show our favorite photographs of all the couples we get to meet.

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LMP is more than just weddings!

One of the best perks to wedding photography is getting to meet so many wonderful couples while they are starting their journeys together!  We love being able to see their families grow (through children or pets!) and to capture the special moments throughout their lives.  While weddings keep us busy most Saturdays throughout the year, you’ll find us photographing lots of other sessions on Sundays and during the week.  LMP offers maternity, newborn, family, senior, child, boudoir, and pet sessions.  Click here to e-mail us for more information about scheduling your session!

Shanna & Brad

The blog is back!  We’ve decided to dive back into the blog for this wedding season and show everyone what we’ve been up to.  A lot has happened for the LMP crew over the last few years, including over 120 weddings, multiple awards, magazine features, and meeting some absolutely amazing couples!  To kick off the blog reboot we have Shanna and Brad’s stunning winter wedding!

We could not have asked for a better couple to kick off the 2017 season!  I met Shanna last January, and after discussing the details of her wedding day, couldn’t wait to be a part of her wedding!  Shanna and Brad scheduled their engagement session a week later to take advantage of the snow.  We wandered through Linn Run State Park, stopping for photos at beautiful spots along the way.  Engagement sessions are always a lot of fun for me, I love seeing couples together in that relaxed atmosphere and it gives me an opportunity to see how they interact before the wedding day.  The love between Shanna and Brad was apparent all through the session, from the smiles and glances they exchanged, to the gentle touching of hands.  After seeing them together that day, I was looking forward to the wedding even more!  Shanna and Brad tied the knot on a brisk, snow covered day in January.  There’s something magical about winter light and I was so glad that Shanna and Brad took full advantage of it for their engagement session and their wedding day!  While I wasn’t at the wedding all day (I had just had my baby girl 3 weeks before), I was there to capture the girls getting ready and the creative session.  Our other amazing team, John and Lisa, were thankfully, able to photograph the rest of the day.  Shanna looked absolutely stunning in her form-fitting gown and Brad looked quite handsome as well!  After capturing the getting ready shots, everyone headed to Blessed Sacrament Cathedral for the ceremony.  After that it was off to Seton Hill where we had a wonderful time getting photos out in the snow!  From what Lisa and John told me, Shanna and Brad rocked the dance floor at DiSalvo’s and had an amazing time all day!  Thank you, Shanna and Brad, for letting us capture your beautiful wedding!  We can’t wait to see where the years together take you two!

Here are some favorites from their engagement session and wedding day!




2013 Wedding Favs!

The last two years have been somewhat of a whirlwind.  We’ve worked with some absolutely amazing couples and edited roughly 75,000 proofs, so the blog has been put on the back burner.  With that being said, we have finally had some time to sit down and pick out our favorite creative and night shots from our 2013 weddings!  We hope you enjoy!

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